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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前

請問在英文文法中有提到: provide sth for sb 但實際上在很多網站上寫的是: provide sth to sb, 網站上寫得對嗎? 為何要如此寫?

3 個解答

  • Kookie
    Lv 5
    2 年前

    多數時候,provide something to/for someone 是沒有差別。

    The agreement provided guarantees for union members when layoffs are considered.


    The hotel provides a playroom for children. (消極地提供此一服務,不確定每位孩童都享用到此一服務)

    We provide legal advice and services to our clients. (此一服務是直接提供與客戶,確保每一位客戶都接受到此一服務)

    1.) If you provided umbrellas for your guests, that means that there is a supply of umbrellas available for their use.

    2.) If you provided umbrellas to your guests, I would be more likely to assume they each have an umbrella in their hand.

    附帶一提,to 普遍的使用是非常近期的現象,2000年後,有後來居上的趨勢。

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  • 2 年前

    ※ provide something for somebody (為某人提供某物)、provide something to somebody (提供某物給某人)


    pro‧vide /prəˈvaɪd/ verb [transitive] 釋義-1. to give something to someone or make it available to them, because they need it or want it

    # provide something for somebody 例. The hotel provides a shoe-cleaning service for guests.

    # provide somebody with something 例. The project is designed to provide young people with work.

    # provide something for/to somebody 例. The agreement provided guarantees for union members when layoffs are considered.


    provide [他動詞] 釋義-1.〈人に〉(必要・有用な物を)供給する,提供する,支給する,与える((with ...));〈物を〉(人に)供給する,提供する((for,to ...));…に(…を)装備する,備えつける((with ...))

    例. provide children with a good education (子供たちによい教育を受けさせる)

    例. Her prose provides us (with) a model of how to write. (彼女の文章は文章の書き方の手本になる) (◆((米)) では二重目的を取ることもある).

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  • Simon
    Lv 5
    2 年前


    provide sth to sb 我覺得用得很普遍,用to 有實際移動的意味


    1.What types of foreign aid does the U.S. provide to (免費提供 – 物資移動) other countries?

    2.List four benefits that networks provide to (提供 – 服務移動到府) their users?

    3.Provide medicine to children(提供藥物給小孩--物資移動) living with AIDS

    4.Funding will help us provide books to schools (提供書本給學校--物資移動) we are working with, to children who don't have books and to many more schools in rural areas.

    另provide with 也是一種用法

    1. I need help. I don't get it. If possible, please provide with (提供) an answer.?


    沒看到資料,當然不知,若是英語教學網站應不會出錯,像是本網站(例如我寫的 - 我英文不好),還是要謹慎判斷

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