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王海倫 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前

關於英文keep going與keep on going的意思及用法差別?

請問英文知識大大們,keep going與keep on going的意思及用法差別?

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  • Simon
    Lv 5
    2 年前

    Longman 的解釋:

    keep doing something = keep on doing something, on為可有可無 – 意思(繼續作某事)完全一樣 – 重點是,keep 後動詞需用 –ing form,不能用不定詞(不要背,只要瞭解keep 本身之意義就是持續,後面動詞與keep應無時差之概念去理解到,自己認為keep所解動詞該是 -ing form – 而不是背來的)

    以下為 copy 自Longman

    continue doing something [intransitive] (also keep on) to continue doing something or to do the same thing many times

    keep (on) doing something

    I keep thinking about Joe, all alone in that place.

    I keep telling you, but you won’t listen!

    She pretended not to hear, and kept on walking.


    Keep is followed by an -ing form, not an infinitive. You say:

    He kept talking to me.

    ✗Don’t say: He kept to talk to me.

    • 哈哈,感謝Simon的詳細解說,謝謝你。: )

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  • 2 年前

    keep going---not stop ; not give up ; continue to function in livehood (as somebody said)eg:-Keep going although life becomes weary of living alone in body and mind.

    keep on going-----going=doing something----keep on doing something = continue; persist;- eg:-Why do the dogs in new year keep on barking ?Don't keep on asking silly questions in the Post. Keep on working; keep on doing, keep on going although you are tired out (as somebody said in an uninterested way)

    • 感謝TOMING88的詳細解說,謝謝你。: )

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