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翎翎 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前

有請英文高手中翻英,謝謝 : 有以下事項需要妳與當地Forwarder確認回覆: 1提單上Consignee 是誰? Nortify party是誰? 2電放提單於出貨後e-mail給妳 3我們安排在3月26日出貨約五天貨會到達另外3月12日有e-mail給妳A參考請問是否需要?

2 個解答

  • 2 年前

    You are required to confirm with the local Forwarder on consigment:-

    (1)Who is the name of the consignee and the Nortifying party ?

    (2)B/L will email to you after delivery of the consignment.

    (3)We are scheduled to delivery on March 26 that takes about five days time.Do you need a prior email reference to you on March 12 ?

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  • YIP
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    2 年前

    As regards to confirmation being required in connection with the local forwarder which are listed below:(1) The names for consignee and notifying party as well ; (2) We will send the Bill of Lading by post to you, after being delivered the consignment; (3) Is it necessary to notify you on March 12 by email prior to our delivered schedule on 26 of that month with the time of arrival about 5 days? Yip

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