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I am tickled the deepest shade of shrimp?

This is from the movie "Paddington 2."

Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant) is the host of the opening ceremony of Steam Fair and he says,

" I am tickled the deepest shade of shrimp to have been asked here tonight to open this wonderful old steam fair."

What does it mean, "to be tickled the deepest shade of shrimp" in the above quotation?


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  • 2 年前

    tickled pink (idiom) = 再高興也不過了 (very pleased or amused)

    shade of shrimps ---- normally pink or orange red when cooked

    the deepest shade ---- darker (more) than pink

    to be tickled the deepest shade of shrimps --- to be ecstatic

  • 2 年前

    the deepest shade of shrimp

    =a phrase

    = like the darker colored shrimp

    =tickled by it

    =when asked to open the fair

    =the verb:----tickle--tickling--tickled--tickled--

    Simile is the use of an expression which decribes one thing by directly comparing it with another using the words "as" or "like"(as in as deep as shrimp);(under part of toe+foot);(very pleased as the host=As the Host was pleased)

    (1)As the host, I like opening ceremony tickling my foot's under part like the darker colored shrimp.

    (2)My opening ceremony was tickling my foot.

    (3)The asking was making me tickling.

    (3)The thought of the darker colored shrimp turning up for what I believed was an under part of my toe+foot really tickled me.

    (4)"Very pleased"has given me my foot+toe a tickle.

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    2 年前

    To be tickled the deepest shade of shrimp==被極度暗沉短小的人引來酥癢. Yip