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Kookie 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前

be SUBJECT to or be SUBJECTED to?

Can somebody help me with the following sentences? Which one should I choose?

1.) Mr. Pence supports the Trump administration in its defense of American companies who have been (subject / subjected) to decades of illicit trade practices and unfair policies.

2.) The United States established an unprecedented three-year food aid agreement with Egypt in 1962. The deal gave Nasser a level of comfort knowing that his food requirements, which were (subject / subjected) to regular shortages due to Egypt’s outdated agricultural system and chronic ecological disasters, would be satisfied.

3.) Offenders who rape girls under 12 may now be (subject / subjected) to the death penalty in India, according to an ordinance passed by India’s cabinet Saturday after a nationwide furor over the rape and killing of an 8-year-old girl.

4.) Loan sharks are a blight on society and prey on vulnerable people who struggle to make ends meet. These criminals use callous methods to enforce repayment and victims are often (subject / subjected) to threats, intimidation and violence.

5.) African migrants and asylum seekers in Yemen are being (subject / subjected) to physical and sexual abuse in detention, Human Rights Watch and the U. N. refugee agency said.

6.) Senior and disabled households who begin receiving housing subsidies after the proposal goes into effect would be immediately (subject / subjected) to the higher rents.

Much appreciated if you could provide simple guidelines for judgement!!

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  • 2 年前

    Typical uses:

    (A) phrasal verb: subject somebody/something to something

    Oxford - [often passive] to make somebody/something experience, suffer or be affected by something, usually something unpleasant (there is an implied actor of the verb)

    (B1) adjective:

    - be subject to something (likely to be affected by something, especially something bad)

    (B2) adjective:

    - be subject to a rule/law/penalty/tax etc.

    1. (A) subjected - the implied actor of the verb could be previous government administration of the states

    2. (B1) food requirements affected by regular shortage

    3. (B2)

    4. (A) subjected - the actor of the verb is loan sharks

    5. (A) subjected - the actor of the verb is Yemen's official

    6. (B1) Senior and disabled households affected by high rents

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      I don't know what others have in mind, but, to me, this is superb job.
      Can you repost your answer to

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