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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 年前

尋求翻譯高手(中翻英) 我有一個菲律賓朋友要回去了.買了個小禮物給她.想附上一些話給她.但我英文沒有很好.所以麻煩了. 我想說的內容是: 這是天燈.是臺灣一個名叫平溪地方特色 放天燈有祈福的意思 這個吊飾上面的中文意思是 幸福滿載.行車平安 歡迎有時間.回來臺灣玩?

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  • 2 年前

    This is skylamp from a special festival in Pingxi, Taiwan.

    The accession to the sky is asking for holy blessings and good luck.

    The Chinese text decoration reads:-

    "Full of Fortune and safe transportation and do come back to Taiwan soon, whether you have the time or not !"

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    2 年前

    這是天燈.是臺灣一個名叫平溪地方特色 放天燈有祈福的意思 這個吊飾上面的中文意思是 幸福滿載.行車平安 歡迎有時間.回來臺灣玩

    That lantern is a special souvenir which originated from a place by its name Pingki in Taiwan,with blessings of fortune and being driving safely. We are sincerely hoped for your visit here again. Yip

  • 2 年前

    This is skylamp, for a special festival in Pingxi in Taiwan. you can light it up and then send to the heavenly sky asking for holly blessings. The textual decor on it says full of fortune and safe driving. Please do come back to Taiwan soon.