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請問在此句They've lived here for ten years我應該把hare視為受詞嗎?另外,如果改為They've lived in Taipei for ten years 應該就是單純的S VI句型了吧?


更: 不好意思手誤打錯,hare 修正成「here」

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    12 個月前

    Have 是助動詞,這種型式是have + p.p的現在完成式,They (S) + have lived(V) in Taipei (adv phrase 地點副詞片語),for ten years(adv phrase 時間副詞片語),所以是S + Vi句型

    • 呆子
      Lv 7
      12 個月前檢舉

      here 是地點副詞,修飾動詞lived

  • 12 個月前

    here , adv, at this point or place.

    eg"-I live here

    eg:-I live in Taipei.

    eg:-Here it is ---Taipei.

    "in Taipei for ten years" is an infinitive phrase follow the subject + vi=they've lived,

    "have lived" is in present perfect tense.Here S+VI=S+Vi is used in this pattern