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英文 名詞+介系詞,獨立結構副詞?

圖片裡的 some to hold her...some to protect her...

這題有網友回答會讓人聯想 some were to hold her brief..,或著使用with some holding her...some protecting...

名詞+介系詞這樣子當副詞..這樣結構很少出現嗎? 這句是等於 some held her briefcase...some protected her...過去式沒錯吧?


補充一下,圖片中的 a fourth one to arrive next week.

就是 a fourth one is to arrive next week是嗎?

如果改成 Here were the the first three packs of cigarettes,a fourth one to arrive next week. 用were 過去式 ,後面仍是 不變對吧?

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    The Absolute Construction consisting of a noun/pronoun(no preposition) and a participle and perhaps with other accompanying words called "absolute phrase" is used adverbially,(no preposition):-

    (1)A fourth pack of cigarette-------n phrase

    ----(is) to arrive-------infinitive

    ----next week----------time

    The perfect participial:-

    eg:-Having arrived the 4th pack,-------participial perfect construction seen

    -----the no. were completed.------main cl.

    The absolute phrase construction:-

    eg:-Since a no.4th had arrived,-----absolute phr.participial perfect

    -----the nos. were completed.--------main cl.

    (2)A no.of body guards----- a phrase

    ----some to hold/protect-------infinitive can be seen and inserted, non-finite after BG


    ----the female candidate(-------"hyphenated" if before some to hold/protect-------)

    The Absolute Construction with an Adv.Cl.+ preposition are written the following:-

    eg:-It being a guarding BG-----modal v

    she went to (-----) as a candidate-----main cl.

    With the present participial:-

    eg:-With BG holding protecting----------modal v+adv cl.

    she went to (---) as a candidate----main cl.