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I d like to have a small reception catered this Friday morning. 這裡的caterr + ed 是形容詞嗎? 如果加ing可不可以?

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    cater for---vi---provide food

    catering for----noun----make provision for, supply what is desired , required for this Friday Morning, food-pander to=pander to=cater to=cater for(vi)=provide food;

    Verb in this pattern are followed by a preposition and its object (which might be a noun). The verb and preposition function as a unit.

    Reception might "catered"-------Subject + vi

    "for" this Friday Morning------------preposition + phrase

    Hence catered for.

    catering----noun=the work of providing food for a small reception;

    eg:-Who did the catering for the small reception this Friday Morning?

    Hence:-eg:-I'd like to have a small reception catered (for)10 marks this Friday Morning.

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      Thanks for the encouragement !

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