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求各位幫我翻成英文:(( 以下: 在愛的過程中,受到情感脅迫與強暴,擁有了一個不被祝福生命。交雜著壓抑、害怕的情緒以及外界的眼光,層層恐懼將她推入深淵,造成難以釋懷的傷害。?


During the process of love, she has been mentally raped and suffers from emotional depression therefore having a life that is not blessed. Mixed with this repression, emotional fear and prejudices put on her from the world in general it pushes her into the abyss, causing unbearable mental distress.


比較疑惑的是having a life that is not blessed.是否合適

以及各位解答的so as to possess a cursed life in her.

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By the way 擁有一的不被祝福的生命是指孩子

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  • 1 年前


    During the journey of love, (she) endured emotional violence and assaults so as to possess a cursed life in her.


    In the mixture of oppression, emotional fears, and the gazes from strangers, she was pushed by the layers of despair into a hopeless abyss and unforgettable perpetual trauma.

    It pains me to pen this response. What happened?

  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    1 年前

    In the environment of love, she feels forced and raped in her heart and possesses a cursed life. In addition, the scared motion and other's criticism makes her fell dumping into the deep water. It definitely caused the huge hurt.

  • YIP
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    1 年前


    As a matter of the fact that, I had been raped and hurt ever since with making love;although I had a blessing life;and yet there was mixed feeling and fearing or watching by outsiders. As the result of that I had been suffered from damage which had rendered me as being pushed and falling into the ravine with unending harm. Yip