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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 年前

中翻英的問題 — 有個文件,我找翻譯社翻譯,但看過翻譯版後感覺慘不忍睹。希望專家們能幫我修正,或您覺得整段要重翻才行,我樂見您的佳作。謝謝!?

第一段來說(請看下文),看得出來他們幾乎用中文逐字翻譯,拚湊出英文翻譯版。第一句我曾問過TextRanch網站的老外,他看不懂什麼是inconceivable management loopholes。後來給了一句:Today, I wish to talk about the many very serious failures in management that I observed during my time at the ╳╳ factory. 說這樣才是英語的表達方式。的確,看過後感覺就不同。後面的句子更糟,不只中文逐字翻譯,且也照中文文句的順序播出。我和翻譯社講過很多問題,但他們就是說翻譯得很好.... 有一句最糟:They will only be hinted at using English homonyms to remind you to privately investigate the truth. 拿這一句問TextRanch,不出所料沒人真的能看懂。我看即使是上下文都傳給他們參照也一樣。這句不僅文法有誤,也拚湊的很糟。我認為,若以英文來表達這句話的形式為: sb will hint at the names in a way of saying the words sounding like the names in order to warn sb else not to do sth too obviously.




Today, let me talk about the many major inconceivable management loopholes that I witnessed during my time at the ╳╳ factory. These failures should have been unlikely in everyday situations, yet they happened in personnel, procurement and material management. I will truthfully describe each incident, but the names of the negligent individuals will remain anonymous. They will only be hinted at using English homonyms to remind you to privately investigate the truth. With due diligence, their real names will emerge; but if information is leaked, obstacles will arise and evidence may even be destroyed. Please remember!!

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  • 1 年前


    During the time I worked at the XX factory, I observed many major shortcomings in management that would be incredibly hard to be seen in normal daily life.


    Today, I would like to talk about all these incidents in details, which occurred in areas of personnel, procurement and materials management.


    However, as a reminder that each of you should secretly carry out the investigation, I would not disclose the real names of those at fault but give you a hint by means of assonance in English.


    The truth (the real names) would eventually emerge as long as we act carefully not to alert the suspects. Otherwise (If any information is leaked), it would become much more difficult to deal with, especially with the prospect of evidences being destroyed. So, please keep in mind!

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  • YIP
    Lv 7
    11 個月前

    It happened during the period of my employment, that had appeared to be seen by me with loophole about management. Owing to this, I would like to tell you what had happened especially in personal affairs, purchasing and utilization of resources respectively. As regards to this, I won't disclose any privacy of malpractices and just provide some hints for this by means of different English terms. It may remind you that,such investigation might be very real in fact or even contrary to take the ricks of revealing the facts and destroyed any evidences somehow. Yip

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  • 1 年前

    When I was working for XX factory, so many things were unbelievable, the huge defect of management which was not easy to be seen in normal life, appeared in front of me. Today, let me tell you the story, the key points of these problems occurred on personnel, procurement and material management etc., I will tell you the details of every event, but no real names of the staffs who had made mistakes will be revealed, and use other words of similar pronunciations instead, which means to remind all of you to investigate the truth secretly, if you do a good job , the real names will show out, but if information of the investigation is leaked will make the situation harder, even causes the evidence to be deleted, so please keep it in your mind.

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  • 1 年前


    During my career with XX, many things incredible happened.


    There were many unusual management loopholes appearing right in front of my very eyes.


    Here is my story on this...


    These loopholes existed in the departments of personnel, purchases, as well as inventory.


    I am to describe them in details but will have to redact the names of responsible persons and only use homonyms as their names.


    This is to allow my audiences to continue their own stealth investigations in pursuing the truths.


    Do it faithfully and you shall find the true names but if any information is leaked, you will find it more difficult to reveal the truth, or even evidences destroyed.


    Be careful!

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  • 呆子
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    1 年前

    There were many incredible things happened in front of my eyes about the management deficits not easily found in the Normal life while I worked at XXX factory. It dealt with personnel,procurement and material management. I will tell you all in detail but keep all involved persons anonymous.

    Their names will be hint by homonyms. If you investigate the things in secret, you will find the true names. If you leak the things,then the evidence will be destroyed and hard to be handled.

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  • 1 年前

    Some big problems in management in my factory appeared.

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  • 1 年前

    ---------------------------The very poor transliterate something C/E into E with errors in translation----------------------------------

    ------(1)Today, let me talk about the many inconceivable management loopholes(figuratively)I witnessed during my tenure at xxx Factory.

    ------(2)It happened disasterly in personnel, procument and material management

    ------(3)But the names of the negligent individual will remain anonymous, only be hinted at by "English Homophonic"="homonyms", eg:-(some/sum--know/new---all resign ready/already-----kill/Bill )

    -----(4)With due intelligence, their real names will emerge,appear, become known during my (defiantly convincing) talk, Or else they will harm or attack or hatred towards you without discipline Or without warning whatsoever to kill Bill.

    -----(5)Please remember !!

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