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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 年前

請問,They want to find a better place to hold a party in. 這句若把後面的in拿掉語意還能通順嗎?

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  • 1 年前

    in 的需要,是因為a better place,而不是hold的關係.

    這句話 是從"hold a party in a better place"變化而來的.

    所以,in這個介係詞 是不可省略的.但是在口頭對話中,卻很多的人不說in.還是可以被聊解的!

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  • 1 年前

    According to the logic of meaning, the sentence should be rewritten as:

    They want to find a better place to hold 'the" party in.

    "to hold the party in" 這不定式短語 (infinitive phrase) functions as adjective to modify the noun phrase "a better place".

    It is equivalent to:

    - a better place that we should/could hold the party in

    - a better place in which we should/could hold the party

    - a better place where we should/could hold the party

    Therefore, the preposition "in" cannot be omitted in the above sentence.

    In spoken English, people often omit the preposition, such as:

    - a better place to live; a better place to travel, etc.

    We could also use prepositional phrase to modify the noun in this case:

    - They want to find a better place for (holding) the party.


    They want to find a place to hold a party. (without preposition "in")

    "to hold a party" can be interpreted to function as adverb to modify "find" as the purpose of finding a place..

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    1 年前

    Hold in 掌控,是片語動詞當及物使用,而介詞可置前或後,所以寫成hold in a party 亦可,若將in去掉,是舉刅的意思,視你要表達何意決定

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  • 1 年前

    hold a party in=hold something in

    =check; restrain; hold in your temper; hold yourself in, control your feelings at a false accusation in a party with cruel members because of underserved blame to you !!!???

    hold a party =To plan and have a party Throw a party.

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