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sam 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 年前

he was used to ving/he is used to ving 差異?

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  • 1 年前

    be used to 習慣於

    He is used to 他習慣於.......(現在的事實)

    He was used to 他以前習慣於.......(過去的事實)

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  • 1 年前

    participle in Grammar =verbal adjetive qualifying noun, retaining some properties of a verb.

    Hurrying and hurried are the present and past participle of "hurry",

    eg:-It's no use hurrying her /trying to make her hurrying to delivery the baby in hospital.

    eg:-If we hurrying the delivery work, she may be dead in the hospital.

    eg:-More nurses were hurrying to the front line of her bed to rescue her !!!.

    eg:-Her husband said:,"Write a few hurrying lines on her report now"

    Hence, He is used to ving.

    ----------He was used to ving------past tense;eg:-He picked up his fountain pen and hurried off,yet hurrying to write a few lines.

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  • 1 年前
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