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one 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 年前

請問否定不定詞not to v放句首,句子要倒裝嗎?謝謝?

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  • 1 年前

    Inverted or not depends on the meaning of the sentence:-


    not to v--at front:-eg:-

    You=one, are wrong not to inform the police in the school.

    Can we not go to the garden?---No, we must go today.

    I do not like to Nike him at all.

    Placed at back position; is used to make expression have the oppositie meaning---not a lot/much/many

    Not to see a lot of cloud in the school sky yet !

    Not much is known about the dragon

    Not many people have seen the Dragon.

    Most of the expensive hotels are not that cheap, not to mention the price !

    No one knows if the story is true or not,not to mention he is a liar !

    I hope not to see you now !

    Not one of the students to speak in the exam-hall.

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