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    If the nightingale refuses to sing, what measure means will you do to deal +reason with it?

    (A)Weaving Nobuyasu said:-"If nightgale doesn't sing, I'll kill him"-----very cruel;--police are hunting after him.

    (B)Toyotomi Hideyoshi said:-"If nightingale doesn't sing, I'll tease him"----to play tricks and jokes to tease out finally from him"

    (C)Tokugawa Teyasin said:-"If nightingale doesn't sing, I'll wait for him"---------waiting time long until sing.

    (D)Others:-I'll act an imitation of it, an act of copying the way it talks, sings and behaves exp. to make people laugh; or not laugh, in impersonation impression to copy, amuse,and mimic.---"imitate" is the word for 1 mark !

  • 1 年前

    My option is (4) that I let it go, because I can't control it.