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請幫忙中翻.不好意思,我不太明白您的意思。根據之前您告知的出貨安排如下表 前面6櫃是分3批次出貨,並非Lot 1 of 4fcl + Lot 2 of 2fcl 另請問UNIT I  和UNIT II 是開立在同一份LC嗎?

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  • 10 個月前

    I don't quite understand what you mean by it.

    According to the shipping arrangement you informed earlier,

    the following Lots are installed and positioned in the front 6 (4+2=6) cabinets, which are planning to ship in 3 batches;

    not Lot 1 of 4 fcl and Lot 2 of 2 fcl as referred.

    Are unit 1 and unit 2 be written and referred to in the same LC ?

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