Mr Wong 發問時間: 家用電器音樂及播放器 · 9 個月前


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  • 9 個月前


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  • 8 個月前

    音效卡有內建和外接兩種 你買主機板一般都會隨機都附上內建音效卡

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    9 個月前

    1. In the past, yes. Nowadays, no.

    In the past, sound card is a standalone item that must be purchased with any computers.

    However, nowadays, practically all motherboards, including OEM motherboards, come with sound chipset that eliminates the need of a standalone sound card.

    If you can find any connectors for sound on a motherboard, then the motherboard has equipment all necessary sound components. Hence, no standalone sound card is needed.

    2. No. At the minimum, you have no place to plug that in.

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