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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 個月前



以下段落求中翻英, 感謝大家!!




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    7 個月前

    After graduating from Zhongshan Enterprise Institute, he entered Citigroup and has more than 25 years of working experience in consumer finance and life insurance. He is convinced that enterprises should be customer-oriented and create appropriate products and services according to customers needs, not only before customers. If you want to solve the pain points of customers, you should improve the transparency of information and treat customers fairly.

    From the beginning of 2016 to 2019, there are three years of service in China. On the one hand, we witness China s great leap forward in financial and insurance technology, as well as the vigorous development of electronic payment and big data applications. On the one hand, we feel Taiwan s humanistic heritage and diligent and meticulous management. It is a competitive advantage that we are proud of.

    Although the company is small in scale, it does not fall behind in corporate social responsibility and public welfare matters. Ten years is an important milestone. At the same time, facing the trend of digital change in regulations and the challenge of the No. 17 communique, I hope that I can condense my colleagues dreams for the future and expand our products and services from existing customers to their families. The most trusted family guardian in the minds of employees and customers!

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