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路霖 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 7 個月前

請問寫一個專題故事的重點是????? 急急急!!!?


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  • 7 個月前

    To write the Highlights of the feature story "Riot demonstration in HK now is:-

    (1)write the face book of hidden face-masked is the characteristic or spreading striking whole/part in the geographical features of any district with killing weapons on their platforms.

    (2)write a prominent article or subject in a newspaper---stands in middle between rioters and police force--4th eyes to challenge the Govt.

    (3)They write on a military striking force ready to attack rioters at short distance.striking;strike while the iron is hot to get prompt result., holding press-conference in HQ as a whole.

    (4)God, the Supreme Being, creator and ruler of the writing scene,very influential in the writing=God knows how to write the Compo=He who writes should be in place,districts, time,order, importance, etc are having infinite power; the omnipotence of God or don't know how to write=3rd person.

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    7 個月前


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