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TOMING88 請再問一下 句中 S+V her boyfriend--indirect object; waiting for over an hour.那段是indirect object,是boyfriend?還是waiting for over an hour.?

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  • 8 個月前

    She (subject) kept (transitive verb) her boyfriend (direct object) waiting for over an hour (object complement).

    "kept" 在這裡是一個不完全及物動詞, 在其受詞後面必須補有一個補語以完成其完整的意思.  

    而這補語一般是形容詞(adjective)或含形容詞性質的短語(adjectival phrase).

    句中的 "waiting for over an hour" 就是分詞短語(participle phrase), 補充形容受詞的一種持續狀態, 是主詞對受詞做出的後果, 亦帶有阻礙了受詞(如果是人物, somebody but not something) 的意思.

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  • 8 個月前

    waiting for over an hour=complement used after v, kept, qualifying  the subject;

    in the of process of involuntary series of actions, series of waiting.

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  • Chen
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    8 個月前

    1.S+感官動詞/使役動詞 不可連接that S + V


    1 感官動詞(see/hear/smell/taste/feel, notice/find/leave/keep/catch ...etc) 

     (0).S (主詞) + 感官動詞+O(受詞)+ 受詞補語(原 V)-->強調動作從頭到尾的過程, 強調事實

            I saw Mary sit in the house.


    1. 已發生時

     (1).S (主詞) + 感官動詞+O(受詞)+ 受詞補語(V-ing)  -->強調動作的瞬間正在發生的動作

                         She kept her boyfriend waiting for over an hour.



                          We heard some birds singing in the trees.               

                           Did you notice him leaving the house?  

                           I noticed him winking at his brother. 

                           I find many students leaning law.        

      (2) S+ 感官動詞  +O(受詞)+ 受詞補語(Vpp)       -->  用Vpp ==>被動

                   He found his dog killed.    

                   They found the house deserted.


         (1)   S + 感官動詞 + 人/物  to + V  ===> 表示目的 

                 I hope you will find time to come see me some afternoon        

                        He kept a large amount of money to buy a house.



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