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KWOK HUNG 發問時間: 社會及文化語言 · 2 個月前

Imperatives with'or...will...'的句式特點, 例子, 練習和答案?


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  • 2 個月前

    There are three moods:-

    (a) Indicative----statements and questions.

    (b) Imperative---(grammar) of the form of a verb or a sentence expressing a command from the command of the "President"; the Imperative mood imperatively; hence giving commands eg:-Close the door ; Stand up ; Help attack !

    (c) Subjunctive---to express wishes, doubt and conditions contrary to facts.

    Referring  to special points, samples, exercises and answers :- we have (b) Imperative adj  means urgent; essential; needing immediate attention:-

    eg:-Is it really imperative for China to have such a large army ?

    eg:- Is it imperative that they should have them to have millions of inter-continental ballistic missiles aiming at TW ?

    Imperative also means not to be disobeyed; done; given with, authority:-

    eg:-The President's order are imperative. "go at once !" , he says , with an imperative gesture in Beijing.

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