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  • 2 個月前

    Listen to is try to hear, to pay attention, the understanding, the meaning,the recognition,the coming from, to what he is saying., whether you agree to the suggestion, request,idea, possibility or not. 

    How he affects me.

    Did you listen in to the CEO today?

    Don't listen to her ; she wants to get you into trouble.

    Listen to a  conversation again, eg:-by tapping telephone ,TV lines or using an extention telephone receiver.

    Listen the whole sentence (grammar) as the grammatical unit, consisting of phrase and/or clause, used to express a statement, question, command, etc so you won't forget the first and the last.

    eg:-The rioter got a year's imprisonment,(FIRST) and he had been sentenced to pay a fine of HK$ 3000.(SECOND)

    Try listen to the BBC news reports who undertakes the task of repeating the same news more than once every now and then.

    You can learn similar events or situations recur again.

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