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拜託強大大解答 句中which用法。?

He spoke before the hour bell sounded, which it now did with a deep, dull, hollow, melancholy one. 

如題,謝謝。出自A Christmas Carol 

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  • 4 個月前

    which=the hour bell sound=relative pronoun

    ----with the as the subject of the v. in the clause:-eg:-Take the sound which is coming out.The sound which flows out.The sound which is from the hour bell...With the rel.pron. as the subject of the clause:-eg:-The sound, which is to be heard by me, was about melancholy, deep, dull and hollow.

    ---It has to do with comparison or comparing by the comparative method of the sound by finding out what is similar and different in the four examples of sound knowledge.

    ----deep--the deep notes of the hour bell sound means a man with deep insight, deep learning, deep thinker.

    ----dull--a dull sound means a man dull of hearing, unable to hear well, with a dull mind.

    ----hollow---of sound as if coming from something hollow means a man with a hollow voice, unreal (in value), false, insincere, with hollow words.

    ----melancholy, adjective, is sad, low spirited means a man in a melancholy occasion, with mental illness marked by melancholy.