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one 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 個月前

once a dog chased me which frightened me a litte.請問這句中which前是否漏了逗號?因為只有在限定關代中才能用which代表前面一整件事.是嗎?謝謝!?

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  • 2 個月前

    with the rel pron as the subject of the clause:-,which frightened me.

    in non-defining clause that refer to a clause="once a dog chased me"not to a special dog, because only one dog.The meaning is still complete without it.Hence,without two commas=non-defining, although only one dog=tends to become a defining.

    However, a defining adjective clause is a necessary in the sentence because the meaning  will be unclear without it.(if there are two or more dogs)

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      Thanks for the encouragement.

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  • 2 個月前


    Do not need

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