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this is your access code and instruction on how to do use it. 請問 how to do uset it 為什麼放在on後面?

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    In this pattern the object of the verb is an interrogative pronoun or adverb, followed by a to-infinitive:-


    Do you know the access code's instruction on

    (how to do it) ?


    You must learn the access code's instruction on 

    (how to do it; not how to do "use" it)


    interrogative pronoun or adverb =in what way or manner; by what means=Tell me the instruction "on" how to do it. placed after "on"

    =how to do it.

    =Tell me how you can do it.

    =The access code instruction told me "on" how to do it, not how to do "use" it.

  • 4 個月前

    🔷 instruction(名詞) {on(介係詞:<釋義> 關於,有關) how(副詞) to do it} (介係詞片語),這介係詞片語修飾該名詞。

    《美辭典》in‧struc‧tion:COLLOCATIONS-1. COMMON ERRORS

    ► Don’t say ‘instructions how to do something’ or ‘instructions to do something’. Say instructions on how to do something.

    # COLLOCATIONS-2. gives instruction:• In Delhi, an International Labor Organization-backed pilot program gives instruction on how to rehabilitate discarded shoes.

    《日辭典》instruction:釋義-1. 〔~s〕指示書,(…についての/…のための)説明書≪on/for≫

    例. instructions on how to care for animals 動物の世話の仕方の説明書

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