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matt 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 個月前

Of course I‘ll help you.   是否可以把of course 放在助動詞後面 ,變成I will of course help you.?

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  • 2 個月前

    🔷 可以的。以下係複製自美辭典,⭕例2就是佐證的例句,

    # of ˈcourse:[adverb]、[(副詞)片語] 

    釋義1. used to show that other people probably already know what you are saying is true, or expect to hear it

    例1. Well, she won, of course.  ⭕例2. You should of course keep copies of all your correspondence.  例3. Of course there will be some difficult times ahead.

    釋義2. spoken (also course informal) used to emphasize that you are saying ‘yes’ when someone asks your permission to do something

    例1. ‘Can I ring you back in a minute?’ ‘Yes, of course.’  例2. ‘Is it OK if I have another cup of coffee?’ ‘Course, help yourself.’

    釋義3. spoken (also course informal) used to emphasize that what you are saying to someone is true or correct 

    例1. ‘Do you really believe her?’ ‘Of course I do!’   例2. ‘I hope this idea of yours works.’ ‘Course it’ll work.’

    釋義4. spoken used to show that you accept or agree with what someone has just said 

    例1. ‘Don’t get angry. She’s only 13.’ ‘Of course.’   例2. ‘The correct answer is 83.’ ‘Oh, yes, of course.’

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  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    2 個月前

    原句 = 潛台詞/含義

    Of course I‘ll help you. = 我不用多想也必定幫你的。

    I'll of course help you. = 我礙於面子也當然會幫你的。

    I'll help you of course. = 我跟你交情不深,但既然你求助,我也義不容辭的。

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  • 2 個月前


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