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孤雛淚/霧都孤兒,請問[ ]中appear的用法!?

After swallowing two of three glasses of spirits, Mr. Sikes condescended to take some notice of the young gentlemen;


which gracious act led to a conversation, in which the cause and manner of Oliver's capture were circumstantially detailed,


with such alterations and improvements on the truth, [as to the Dodger appeared most advisable under the circumstances].

順便也作了若干修改加工,機靈鬼認為在這種場合進行一些修改是很有必要的。如題,雖然我覺得appearing更怪,但我想[ ]中應是省略某部分,而我認為被省略的應為:as(=because) to the Dodger it appeared that 加油添醋的行為 was most advisable under the circumstances.


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    appear vi come into view, become visible; eg:-The advisable answer appeared on the Dodger's to Sike's.Dodger's answer appeared talking to Sikes.


    eg:-It would seem that Dodger's intention to Sikes was most 'advisable"

    eg:-Dodger's intention seems to have been a most advisable to explain to Sikes.

    eg:-Their seems to have been a most  advisable answer from Dodger to Sikes.

    eg:-There seems to have been making a most  advisable answer under the "polar-bear "circumstances.

    So it seems. It seems most advisable.

    It looks as though=It seems to Dodger that it is advisable to talk to Sikes to appear like that in their Q and order to help Oliver.

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      Tsin to-siā is a Taiwanese dialect, which is pronounced similarly to the words 金多蝦 in TWese dialect (pronounced also tsin to sia), meaning: thank you a lot (非常多謝). I just want it  looks different and new.

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