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以下英文如何翻譯 : 你好: 詢問以下網頁產品,台灣是否有代理商窗口接洽,請協助提供,謝謝?

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    4 天前

    If possible,please submit the agent data and the products as the following websites to us. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

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  • 7 天前

    Please help to provide assistance if there are any distributors in TW-Mainland for the online products shown.Thank you.

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  • 7 天前


    經銷商 - dealers

    分銷商 - distributors

    代理商 - agents

    窗口(一般指單一窗口) - single-window


    翻譯 :

    Regarding the products as shown in the following webpage, please let me have the contact information for the single-window service provider, if any, for the dealership between Taiwan and Mainland China.  Thank you.

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  • 5 天前

    Hello: ask about the following web products. Is there any agent window in Taiwan to contact us? Please help us to provide. Thank you.

    你好: 詢問以下網頁產品,台灣是否有代理商窗口接洽,請協助提供,謝謝?

    • 碎冰5 天前檢舉

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  • 7 天前

    Good Morning ,

    I am interested and inquiry the products on the page as below , is there an agent to contact with in Taiwan , please help us and provide the information , thanks ?

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  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    1 星期前



    Hello, ask about the following webpage product, any Taiwan distributor (window省去) to contact, please help to provide, thank you.


    Hello, I would like to ask for your assistant whether there are any distributors in Taiwan for the online products shown here (可把下面變為這裏更直接) for me to make contact.



  • 1 星期前


    I would like to know if this online product has dealer/agent windows between Taiwan and the mainland to provide assistance? Thank you!

  • russmann jaimes rainbowalicee 滾出台灣

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