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我看了電視劇"蘭陵王"(由陳曉東 林依晨等演出)與"花木蘭傳奇"(由侯孟瑤 郭品超等人演出)後  寫了一篇心得與評論 約六千字 本想投稿旺報兩岸徵文 但編輯說文章偏向劇情分析 不符合徵文要求 想請教一下 這樣的文章 要投稿到哪裡較適合? 希望是有稿費的 謝謝?

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  • 2 個月前

    After a little plot mentioned, you should analysis the parts possibly with comment and judgement; a critical analysis of literary cinematic; expert analysis of future market(s) trends, positive attitude likely to go, and then you'll get your rewards.

    • Gloria2 個月前檢舉

      Thanks for the suggestion. I would consider to amend the content of my writing. But, I still need to know where I can publish this article and get some rewards. 

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