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參閱Yahoo知識網時,看到 while前後詞性不同,when前後詞性相同句子等,惟不甚了解,可否舉例.謝謝?

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    while has the difference in meaning:-

    (1)during the time that; for as long as; at the same time as:-

    He fell asleep while doing his Music exercises.

    While there is life, there is hope.(=as long as)

    (2)Implying a contrast, whereas;

    Marthar was dressed in brown, while Mary was dressed in green.

    (3)Implying a concession, although:-

    While she  admits that the problems are difficult, she doesn't agree that they cannot be solved.


    when as rel adv with day,time:-

    Sunday is the day when I am least busy

    There are times when joking is not allowed in the Chinese Congress.

    It was one of those cold, wet evenings when most people stay indoors in Covid19 period.

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