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英文句子合併 現在完成時 since用法 第 1句  Jerry met the girl when he was eight years old  第2 句  He still remembers the girl (用know和since合併)?

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  • 4 個月前

    since---adv,prep, conj (with the present tense or with have or had) between a point in the past and now

    eg:-(1)Jerry has known (or met) the girl since (he was) 8 yrs old.

    eg:-(2)He has known現在完成式 the girl (ever) since--------(they met)連用或不用.

    謝謝赞美由於(ever) since.....

  • Louis
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    4 個月前

    Jerry has known the girl for a long time since he first met her when he was eight years old.