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我自己只想到go through瀏覽、find out找到,但我看到像hand out這樣變成"講義"、walk through會變成可能是遊戲全記錄,有其他例子嗎,英文課要寫報告用。

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    Verbs like give up, look after, and put up with are important&very common in English; What they mean and how to use them is up to you Shelish to interpret and don't misinterpret !!!!!!!!!!!!

    account for--explain

    break down--explanation

    brought about--caused

    burn out--worn out

    burn up--destroy

    cracked down--severe

    drop out--sc. leaver.

    get up--rise

    give up v. stop having or doing.The teacher told you to give up playing.

    get by, v adv--to be able to continue one's way of life.Shelish can't get by on so little knowledge and money.

    find out--discover

    flash back--goes back;

    go ahead;

    go through;

    bring off v adv. ==to succeed in doing something difficult--eg:-It was a difficult job, but Shelish was able to " bring it off" successfully.

    look up to somebody v. preposition--to respect.She always looked up to her richer parents.

    push somebody around v, adv--to treat roughly and unfairly, esp in order to force obedience by follow the verb:-eg:-That big guy pushes everybody else around in the chaotic city.

    rip-off--charged too much on something stolen, stealing, defrauding--eg:-Shelish try rip somebody off on the stolen property.

    make something up v,adv---to invent (a story, excuse, a fiction, etc

    She made up a fairy tale for the children

    She made a story up for the children.

    She made it up-----pronoun follows the verb

    acquaint somebody with something v,. prep---to tell. make known to with two objects a person and a thing:-eg:-She acquainted  him with the money and the facts.

    put something down to somebody/something, v adv prep---to state that something is caused by something else-- a thing follows a person---eg:-She put her mistake down to her bad memory.

    She put all the trouble down to her BF.

    thumb up

    walk away from--beat easily--He walked away from all his competitors,

    walk out on--He walked out on his family;, 

    walk over--His wife walks all over him as an easy victory contest in which he has no money.

    walk through--Alice walked through the looking glass in Episode2 event.

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    動詞片語成為名詞,基本上要將两個字合拼成一單字或用"-"(hyphen) 連結一起, 例:

    - blackout

    - breakdown

    - break-in

    - burnout

    - check-out

    - comeback

    - crackdown

    - dropout

    - flashback

    - kick-off

    - rip-off

    - turnover

    - workaround

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    Get up->rise 或increase

    Put into->contribute

    Find out->discover

    Looked at->discovered

    Got together->merged

    Accounted for->explained

    Brought about->caused

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    好很多,你不必全懂,例如watch out小心,go down 倉庫,go ahead 進行,thumb up讚同,bull shit吹牛,fuck off滾開,數之不盡,如你不解,直接上網找