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Yahoo資訊中有,例外:如 here/there 當[形容詞]用是放在所修飾[名詞]之[後],可否例舉,謝謝.?

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    For Yahoo information:-eg:-

    there as adv to adj:-eg:-

    There is a boy at the door

    =The boy is there at the door.

    There can be no doubt about it

    =I don't want there to be any doubt

    There is no stopping him,the boy.

    =It is impossible to stop him, the boy.

    There seems (to be) no doubt about it there

    =There appeared to be no doubt "who could be" there.-----------------

    Here:-adv if for inversion of subject and finite verb,then:-eg:-

    Here comes the bus

    =The bus comes here (cf.the man here; the boy here).

    Here it comes

    =It comes here

    Here are the others

    =The others are here.

    Here we/you are

    =We/you are here.

    Here is what you are asking for

    =what you are asking for, looking for,, according to the context, is here(adv)

  • Louis
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    1 個月前

    The boy here saw the accident.


    this man here



    see p.660 here黃帝圖書公司出版《新世紀英漢辭典》1993 年版