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資訊中haunted house:鬼屋--音標:[`hc{顛倒寫}ntid haus], 但KK音標是[ˋhɔntɪd] DJ音標是[ˋhɔ:ntid] ,為何c要{顛倒寫},是表示恐怖嗎?

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    haunt /h>:nt/vt; where >; without your ('h)(>;) , in Key to phonetic symbols in Vowels and diphthongs, is correct.

    haunted house must be used in usage in a sentence grammatically:-(1)eg:-

    haunted house:-The haunted house is said to be haunted.

    =visit, be with, habitually or repeatedly; esp of ghosts and spirits appear repeatedly in;

    (2)eg:- This pub-bar is one of your favorite haunts.

    (3)eg:-To revisit the haunts of one's schooldays is haunted placed.

    (4)eg:-A headless woman haunts the TW East palace, being haunted by her words..

    (5)eg:-A wrongdoer is constantly haunted by fear of discovery.

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    🔷 你真幽默!你還少問了:DJ音標是[ˋhɔ:ntid] ,怎麼多了左上「角」、「ɔ: (冒號)」呢。