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one 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 個月前

請問A large flock of sheep, grazing on some green hill, with lambs frisking and frolicking about, is a very pleasant sight的is前是否要加which,不然會雙動詞?

2 個解答

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    2 個月前


    這句的主要要動詞只有 is



    A large flock of sheep 中文-->一大群羊

    flock是名詞  中文叫「群」

    large 是形容詞  形容flock

  • 2 個月前

    participle in Eng grammar either of two forms of a verb (past-participle and present participle) which may be used in compound forms of the verb or as adjectives.

    A large flock of sheep-----S

    grazing on some green hill,---participle phr

    with lambs frisking and flolicking about,---participle phr


    a very pleasant sight-----------O

    Superfluous more than is necessary, not needed or wanted in the pattern for the verb-S-V-O  that "which" the pronoun, is not needed.

    eg:-The young cattle, grazing, frolicking(=playing), frisking(=jumping)----S

    is---V; a very pleasant sight.----O