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kuangkwo 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 個月前

句型S +be動詞+名詞片語。He is out of his mind.介詞片語當名詞片語用,可否直接舉例名詞片語參用。?

1 個解答

  • 1 個月前

    Which noun clauses are you referring to when you read about Noun Clauses in the TW Chen's the heart of grammar ?

    There are two main types of n.clauses:-


    A noun clause can be used as 


    direct obj.

    obj of a preposition

    complement of "be"

    (1)Success depends on(prep) how hard we try.

    (2)Throw away (prep) what you don't know.

    (3)He could not work on(prep) where his mind is.

    (4)---->eg:-He said about(prep) his out of mind.

    (5)Look at(prep)what his mind behaved.

    (6)He boasted of(prep)what out of his mind.

    (7)He explained to (prep) me, kuangkwo, that he is out of his mind due to a seriously hurt illness in his mind.

    (8)He said that he was out of his mind.-------n clause.

    (9)He told me that he would be out of his mind in making clauses.----n clause.